(CMR-09) Carol Billups of Cabo Realty Pros Interviewed

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Carol Billups is the owner/broker of Cabo Realty Pros, one of the most active Real Estate firms in the Los Cabos area. She has been in Cabo since the year 2000 and she loves Real Estate.

I asked Carol about the cost of housing in Los Cabos because most of the ones I had seen were very high priced. She disclosed that there are reasonably homes in the area and a new development with very reasonably priced homes with ocean views. Listen to the interview to find out more information.

Visit Cabo Realty Pros at http://www.caborealtypros.com
abo Realty Pros Blog-https://caborealtypros.wordpress.com/
ive Cabo Radio   http://www.live365.com/index.live

Follow the link for Carol’s Year End Real Estate Report for Los Cabos  http://tinyurl.com/mssr5k4

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