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The Many Faces of Carol Merchasin (CMR-17)



Carol Merchasin is a writer but her training comes from being an Attorney and writing briefs. Her writing does not read like a legal brief. It is very entertaining and insightful relative to the Mexican Culture..

During this episode, the comedian in Carol surfaced. There are som really funny moments. I laughed and Carol laughed and so will you.

Books By Carol
This is Mexico: Tales of Culture and Other Complications
How Goes It In Mexico: Essays From an Expatriate

Website –

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Something About Robert Richter-Writer (CMR-16)

Robert Richter

Richter Robert author pic


The author of eight books, including poetry, fiction, and regional history, Robert Richter has a forty-year relationship with Latin America, and that cultural geography inspires his work. In 2000 Richter won the Nebraska Arts Council’s Literary Achievement Award for nonfiction, and in 2007, he was a Fulbright Research Fellow in Buenos Aires. Richter has also been a wheat farmer, substitute teacher, and tour guide in Latin America. His other books on Mexico include Something in Vallarta (1991),

Read more about Robert Richter at Oak Tree Press
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Mexico-Expatriate Insights, Book Talk (CMR-15)

Cruising the Colorado River
George Puckett

Have you ever dreamed of pulling up stakes and moving to Mexico after retiring? Have you considered Los Cabos, Puerto Penasco, Playa del Carmen, Chacala, Lake Chapala, Cuernavaca, La Paz, San Felipe, Rosarito Beach or Tepoztlán?
This book was initiated as a result of reading a question from a reader in a blog somewhere. She wanted to know why she should move to Puerto Unknown Mexico. She didn’t know anyone there, but it interested her. I knew nothing of Puerto Unknown or Playa Faraway Mexico.

This book seeks to answer a lot of questions and introduce prospective Expats to different communities by interviewing current residents of those communities.

Mexico-Expatriate Insights  on Amazon and other books.

(CMR-14) Meet Ron Burdine of “Mexico on My Mind”

on & Cat Burdine 

Our latest interviewee is Ron Burdine of Tulum, Quintana Roo,  Mexico. Ron and his wife Catherine have developed a website called “Mexico on My Mind.” I call it an all inclusive website because every question regarding retiring to Mexico seems to be answered. It’s better than a book because as there are Policy & Procedural changes relative to some retirement issues, the website can be updated.

Main site:
If anyone would like to contact Ron directly they may do that through the site or via email
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(CMR 12) Interview With Carmen Amato-Mystery Writer

carmen amato

Meet Carmen Amato, an American Mystery/Thriller writer. Her current novels are set in a coastal tourist city in Mexico. Her main character is Emilia Cruz,  She is the first female Detective on this Police Force. Every day has its triumphs and defeats but Emilia is determined to stay the course.

Ms Amato’s first Emilia Cruz novel is “Cliff Diver.”  Is it also a cliffhanger? Click to Find information on all her books on Amazon.

(#11) Interviewing Amber Pierce Broker Mayan Riviera Properties

Amber P

With this Podcast we return to the Yucatan where we first met Realtor Thomas Lloyd.
In the current Podcast we interview Amber Pierce of Puerto Morelos. PM, as some refer to it, is the first town you will arrive at after leaving the Cancun Airport heading south. They call it the Gateway to Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya.
Amber is a very self assured individual well versed in the business of Real Estate in Mexico. She has all the necessary skills and knowledge to provide excellent service to all clients.
She has several hour plus Real Estate Workshop for people interested in purchasing property in Mexico. You should not miss these workshops if you have any interest in retiring to any part of Mexico.

See the links below.

Mayan Riviera Properties
“Expect Excellence”
Puerto Morelos, Mexico
The links to the workshops referenced in the Podcast are below.
1. I
nvesting, Living, Retiring in Mexico/
2. H
ow to Sell Your Property in Mexico/


(CMR-10) Meet Linda Neil of The Settlement Company


LJ Neil

This is a Podcast Interview with Linda Jones Neil, founder of the Settlement Company which was the first Escrow/Title Company in Mexico. Although located in La Paz, BCS, with the use of the Internet and other modern technology the Settlement Company can handle Escrow for Real Estate transactions all over Mexico.

Some of the recurring questions from potential home buyers are dealt with. No 30 minute or 2 hour Podcast can answer all of the questions about purchasing Real Estate in Mexico.

For additional questions related to Real Estate purchases in Mexico contact
See also

Lind Neil also has a You Tube channel with a number of vital videos related to the purchase of Real Estate in Mexico at,

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(CMR-09) Carol Billups of Cabo Realty Pros Interviewed

Blog Queen

Carol Billups is the owner/broker of Cabo Realty Pros, one of the most active Real Estate firms in the Los Cabos area. She has been in Cabo since the year 2000 and she loves Real Estate.

I asked Carol about the cost of housing in Los Cabos because most of the ones I had seen were very high priced. She disclosed that there are reasonably homes in the area and a new development with very reasonably priced homes with ocean views. Listen to the interview to find out more information.

Visit Cabo Realty Pros at
abo Realty Pros Blog-
ive Cabo Radio

Follow the link for Carol’s Year End Real Estate Report for Los Cabos

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(CMR-08) Thomas Lloyd of Top Mexico Real Estate in the Spotlight


We’re interviewing Thomas Lloyd, a very respected and knowledgeable Realtor in Mexico. He is the CEO and President of Top Mexico Real Estate, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

He did not come to Mexico with plans of becoming a Real Estate Broker.  When he did decide to venture into Real Estate he pursued a formal education in Real Estate.

There are over a dozen more cooperating  Top Real Estate Brokers in Mexico. There are offices in most of the major tourist and retirement locations.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase or sale of Real Estate contact Thomas through his website at You will also find 2 downloadable, free ebooks that will answer most of your questions.

Thomas mentioned a new TV series in the interview. Follow this link to find out more.

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(CMR-7) Shari’s Whale Watching Tours

Shari & Family

This is part 2 of our interview of Shari Bondy where we dive into Whale Watching. The Whale Watching season starts early this year as Shari saw whales in the waters near her Inn. If you’re interested in going on a Tour then you should book now because the season begins on December 15th. You will find the contact information

Whale Watching Excursions –

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