The Many Faces of Carol Merchasin (CMR-17)



Carol Merchasin is a writer but her training comes from being an Attorney and writing briefs. Her writing does not read like a legal brief. It is very entertaining and insightful relative to the Mexican Culture..

During this episode, the comedian in Carol surfaced. There are som really funny moments. I laughed and Carol laughed and so will you.

Books By Carol
This is Mexico: Tales of Culture and Other Complications
How Goes It In Mexico: Essays From an Expatriate

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Something About Robert Richter-Writer (CMR-16)

Robert Richter

Richter Robert author pic


The author of eight books, including poetry, fiction, and regional history, Robert Richter has a forty-year relationship with Latin America, and that cultural geography inspires his work. In 2000 Richter won the Nebraska Arts Council’s Literary Achievement Award for nonfiction, and in 2007, he was a Fulbright Research Fellow in Buenos Aires. Richter has also been a wheat farmer, substitute teacher, and tour guide in Latin America. His other books on Mexico include Something in Vallarta (1991),

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