(#11) Interviewing Amber Pierce Broker Mayan Riviera Properties

Amber P

With this Podcast we return to the Yucatan where we first met Realtor Thomas Lloyd.
In the current Podcast we interview Amber Pierce of Puerto Morelos. PM, as some refer to it, is the first town you will arrive at after leaving the Cancun Airport heading south. They call it the Gateway to Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya.
Amber is a very self assured individual well versed in the business of Real Estate in Mexico. She has all the necessary skills and knowledge to provide excellent service to all clients.
She has several hour plus Real Estate Workshop for people interested in purchasing property in Mexico. You should not miss these workshops if you have any interest in retiring to any part of Mexico.

See the links below.

Mayan Riviera Properties
“Expect Excellence”
Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Web: www.MayanRivieraProperties.com
Blog: www.PuertoMorelosBlog.com
The links to the workshops referenced in the Podcast are below.
1. I
nvesting, Living, Retiring in Mexico/http://youtu.be/ycbT9h7c3Ls
2. H
ow to Sell Your Property in Mexico/http://youtu.be/esy6588uXsc

Email: Amber@MayanRivieraProperties.com