(CMR-08) Thomas Lloyd of Top Mexico Real Estate in the Spotlight


We’re interviewing Thomas Lloyd, a very respected and knowledgeable Realtor in Mexico. He is the CEO and President of Top Mexico Real Estate, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

He did not come to Mexico with plans of becoming a Real Estate Broker.  When he did decide to venture into Real Estate he pursued a formal education in Real Estate.

There are over a dozen more cooperating  Top Real Estate Brokers in Mexico. There are offices in most of the major tourist and retirement locations.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase or sale of Real Estate contact Thomas through his website at http://www.topmexicorealestate.com. You will also find 2 downloadable, free ebooks that will answer most of your questions.

Thomas mentioned a new TV series in the interview. Follow this link to find out more.  http://youtu.be/e2xeWfaLtCM

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(CMR-7) Shari’s Whale Watching Tours

Shari & Family

This is part 2 of our interview of Shari Bondy where we dive into Whale Watching. The Whale Watching season starts early this year as Shari saw whales in the waters near her Inn. If you’re interested in going on a Tour then you should book now because the season begins on December 15th. You will find the contact information

Whale Watching Excursions – http://www.whalemagictours.com/

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